Body diversity and Body Respect starts with you and me. It’s nice that you are here!

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Body Respect

Every person has the right to be treated with respect – regardless of origin, body weight and state of health.

Body Diversity and Visibility

Fat people are part of diversity and must be visible as part of society!


Together we are strong and together we can make a difference. You are not alone!


Yes2Bodies is committed to Inclusivity, you are welcome regardless of your gender, sexuality or origin. (Individual workshops are specially designed for women*)


To reclaim your own fat body and treat it with respect and care.

Weight discrimination

Workshops and information for Switzerland, raising awareness about weight stigma and weight discrimination


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The workshop opened my eyes to a social stigma that affects so many and is simply hushed up in Switzerland. And the workshop also opened my eyes to the inside – I’m not as free of it as I would like to be.

It was also impressive to see how deeply fatphobia is anchored in all of us! It was very valuable that so many different women were there.

Tatjana, 25