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If you are interested in a workshop in your company on the topic of weight stigmatization and -discrimination, I will happily respond to your request.

Past Events

The first Yes2Bodies workshop took place in September 2019. Eleven participants from very different backgrounds came together for a very interesting evening.

We covered the topics: body image, diet culture, being fat: facts and myths, weight stigma – discrimination.
At the end of the workshop, we discussed possible action steps in groups. Very exciting ideas were discussed: to include and name body circumference more in the research, address the space problem in the university as an Ally, and to address negative body talk with friends and at work.


As a participant, I was able to learn a lot. I was able to relate my own body knowledge (how I feel/not feel etc.) to what was said and thereby understood processes and dimensions of fatphobia, diet culture and weight discrimination.

The workshop sensitized me to the topic of weight discrimination, weight stigma and fatphobia and gave me useful tools for reflection (and hopefully also action) against weight discrimination in everyday life.

Elisabeth, University of Bern, Social and Cultural Geography

I’m really glad I was able to be there! It is so valuable to be seen and heard and to see that others have gone through the same thing. That gives me support. I wish we had more time for discussions.

Julia, 22

The workshop opened my eyes to a social stigma that affects so many and is simply hushed up in Switzerland. And the workshop also opened my eyes to the inside – I’m not as free of it as I would like to be.

It was also impressive to see how deeply fatphobia is anchored in all of us! It was very valuable that so many different women were there.

Tatjana, 25